A Common Nordic Vision


Kari Bremnes

A songwriter for 17 years, Kari Bremnes has never had a larger and more varied audience than now.

She tours frequently in Europe as well as in Norway. Her albums are sold in as many copies abroad as in Norway. In Germany alone she has sold 90,000
Kari is a storyteller, a song poet from the north portraying universal subjects: people, birds, city streets, the immense ocean, recognition, holy days,
working days, travels, human dreams and desires, the wildest and most quiet destinies.
Call it melancholic, call it powerful, big or small, it is occasionally quite amusing, and it is intensely present. First and foremost it is about the music in
our lived lives.
The newspaper ‘Dagbladet’ says: ‘Kari Bremnes is almost her own genre, where lyrics and music are equal entities’.
Her latest album is LY (Shelter), with release 19.th of January 2009. This album features 11 fresh songs spanning a wide range of ideas, visions and musical
temperament. The songs are about simmering anger and love, about the desire for true fashion, about dancing, death, the fate of a woman on the polar island of Svalbard, and about
finding warmth. In short, about seeking shelter.
When giving concerts Bremnes selects songs from a large repertoire created over many years, in close co-operation with eminent musicians:

—  Kari Bremnes Trio: Bengt Hanssen, keyboards; Helge Norbakken, drums; Asle Karstad, sound.

—  Kari Bremnes Band: Bengt Hanssen, keyboards; Helge Norbakken, drums; Halgrim Bratberg, guitars; Sondre Meisfjord, bass; Asle Karstad, sound.
Spellemannprisen, 1987 for the debut album MITT VILLE HJERTE.
Spellemannprisen, 1991 for SPOR.
Spellemannprisen, 2001 for SOLØYE (co-production with Lars and Ola Bremnes).
Nordprofilprisen, 1995.
Prøysenprisen, 1998.

Born in 1956 in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway. Kari holds a BA in language, literature, history and theater studies. She worked as a journalist until she became a full time
musician. Lives in Oslo, Norway.







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