A Common Nordic Vision


This editorial at Human Events by Tara Servatius nails it:  Osama bin Laden’s assassination is nothing but campaign 2012.  Pay attention to what Obama has just done to set up Al Qaeda  in North Africa with its own oil business, banks and……..nuclear weapons.  God help us.
Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi Source: U.K. Telegraph Rebel leader admits Al Qaeda ties
No one on Earth has done more to help al-Qaeda in the last six weeks than Barack Obama.  Don’t let the bin Laden assassination thing fool you.  Even with the loss of bin Laden factored in, al-Qaeda’s prospects have improved dramatically in recent weeks, and the group has Obama to thank.
No worries. After all, Barack says we’re professionals, right? What can go wrong?
Sure, bin Laden is gone, and that was a bit of a PR hit to the group.  But Obama more than made up for that by setting up al-Qaeda financially for years to come.  One of the first things the U.S.-led coalition did when it invade d Libya in March was to help the radical Islamist led rebels capture the oil fields.  Thanks to Obama, they will no longer need to depend on rich Saudi sheiks to fund jihad because they now control oil fields capable of generating $34 billion worth of black gold a year.



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